Oil & Gas Exploration Survey

1. Seismic Data Acquisition Work

SKP provides comprehensive global resources for seismic data acquisition on land. Cable & Cable less recording technology point-receiver seismic hardware and software enables a full range of imaging services, from cost-effective exploration through to the highest possible quality reservoir characterization. 

SKP offers seismic data acquisition services using the latest conventional seismic instruments.Our Seismic Services include

  • Onshore Seismic Data Acquisition
  • Transition Zone Acquisition
  • Marine Seismic Acquisition
  • Data Processing & Interpretation 

2. Shot Hole Drilling & Seismic Job Services

SKP also provides Seismic Job services including seismic field operations, Topographical survey and Shot Hole Drilling through different methods either man portable/pneumatic compression drilling/ vehicle mounted mechanized drilling rig or rotary manual and handheld drilling sets. 

  • We plan and execute 3D Seismic Acquisition survey using appropriate methodology, equipment and explosive as energy source.
  • We carry out experimental work prior to the commencement of actual data acquisition to finalize the acquisition field parameters.
  • We provide necessary QC processing system for quality control of seismic, experimental and topographical survey data. 

Camp Mobilization & Demobilization
We provide the schedule of mobilization & Demobilization of crew and equipments for Data Acquisition.

Seismic Operations
1. Experimental Work   
2. Topographical Survey
3. Shot Hole Drilling
4. Seismic Cables & Geophone laying


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